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Further improvement for machine performance and quality by revolutionary design and process.


Company name ICEMAN Corporation
Address Head office: 3-6-23 Miyanojin Kurume-shi, Fukuoka Japan (Postal Code: 839-0801)
TEL 0942-27-6600 FAX 0942-27-6603
Date of foundation September 30, 1974 (Corporate inauguration: March 1, 1956)
Capital 25 million yen (Fiscal year end: September)
No. of employees 53
Board members

The president (CEO) :Tomoaki Akiyama
Operating officer:Tetsuji Inoue
Director: Reina Akiyama
Director: Keito Akiyama
financial institution
Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Bank, Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank, Kita-Kyushu Bank, Chikuhou Bank, Japan Finance Corporation, Shoko Chukin Bank
Main clients/
TOKYO SANGYO CO.,LTD.,Fishery association, Sea food processing company, Refrigeration facility company, Management company for ski area, Dairy manufacturer, Chemical company, Meat processing company, Concrete plant, Foreign O.D.A.
Site area Total site area 9,870㎡/ Head office 288㎡ / Plant site 1,680㎡Plant office site 102㎡/ Annex attached to the plant 63.7㎡



March 1956 Akiyama Refrigeration Company, founded in 989 Chiyo-jima Kitano-cho Mitsui-gun Fukuoka prefecture, Japan
October 1966 Changed the company name to Mitsui Refrigerator Co. Ltd.
Established as a joint-stock company.
September 1970 Developed a domestic flake ice machine.
March 1971 Registered the trademark of ICEMAN Ice Machine.
September 1974 Changed the company name to ICEMAN Ice Machine Company Inc.
July 1975 Developed and launched a seawater type ice machine for ship
October 1976 Developed and launched a plate type ice machine
August 1977 Developed and launched an automatic ice discharge machine
October 1980 Constructed a No. 1 Plant
Mach 1985 Constructed a No. 2 Plant
April 1993 Developed an ice thermal storage machine
May 1995 Constructed a large-scale flake ice unit for ski area; Capacity 50 tons/day
March 1998 Constructed a large-scale flake ice unit for ski area; Capacity 150 tons/day
October 2001 Changed the company name to ICEMAN Corporation
February 2002 Developed a seawater plate ice machine
February 2004 High-concentrated ozone ice machine was recommended to a research institution survey project for new business run by Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Corporation, and then the commercially-practical machine was manufactured.
July 2010 Developed a high-efficiency plate ice machine with capacity 60 tons
December 2012 Developed and launched an AD type ice storage with ice storage capacity 300 ton-class
February 2013 Moved to the new company building (Miyanojin plant)