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ICEMAN Corporation has been manufacturing a number of industrial ice machines and automatic discharge or ice storage systems for various industries and also building a solid performance/reliability since its foundation in 1956. The reason why many companies in various industries continuously have been adopting our machineries and systems will be our unique ice transportation technology for mass-ice making facility. However, the technological importance currently has been shifting from ice-making technology itself such as ice storage, weight-and-transportation, air compressed transfer technology, or automatic switching for transportation line to an ice handling method. Those technologies are now utilized in previously unprecedented places such as ice automatic discharging in manufacturing plant, ice loading into ship, or artificial ice making for ski area. We certainly would like to provide an efficient facility for our valued customers by our accumulated unique technologies, and also aim to continuously improve our technologies from now on.


We are looking forward to having a business with you in future.

Tomoaki Akiyama
The president (CEO)
ICEMAN Corporation



We certainly desire to store every single one of beautiful things
in this worldthrough “ICE”.





“Knowledge” bears addition, then “Wisdom” bears multiplication.


“Ice” has been existing on this planet since far before the dawn of humanity. It occasionally seems to be robust or sensitive just like a strength of our “Ties”. Furthermore, the most beautiful pattern of hexagonal crystal created by the nature also seems like reflecting our ever-changing “State of mind”. ICEMAN Corporation surely aims to the global standard and a significant leap forward as a new identify of “Octagonal crystal” with a shape of the universe, a high stability, and almighty influence.