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Plant equipment overview

<Plant equipment>( )=the number of equipments
■Vertical latheφ1600 (1)
■Machining center < VM-5Ⅱ> (1)
■Machining center < VM-900> (1)
■Long shaft lathe (1)
■Engine lathe (1)
■Air compressor 50HP (1)
■Milling machine (1)
■Radial drilling machine (2)
■Drilling machine (4)
■XY plasma arc cutting machine (1)


■CNC combined lathe (1)
■Refrigerator for testing (3)
■Section steel cut-off machine (1)
■Shearing (1)
■Angle bender (1)
■Hydraulic Multi-worker (1)
■Long CNC Processing Machine (1)
■Power generator for testing 300KVA (1)
■Seam welder for ice making plate (1)
■Laser welder for ice making plate (1)


■Press-brake <with NC 110 tons> (2)
■Band sawing machine (2)
■Hydraulic puncher (2)
■Key sheet cutter (2)
■Welder, Semi-automatic (10)
■Aluminum welder (2)
■Laser welder <2kw> (1)
■Stud welder (1)
■Outdoor traveling crane (6)
<2.0 tons/2.8 tons Twin type>


<Design section>
■Mechanical design 2D/3D CAD (10)
<LAN Network>
■Plotter (3)

■4 tons (1)

<Vehicle for constrution>
■Sales vehicle/Servicing vehicle (10)
■Lift 4 tons (1) 2.5 tons (1)


Selling point forour machines

<Flake ice machine>
“5M series”: 5MR-100~5MR-300F. Ice making capacity:1~30tons/day. The machine makes dried flake-shape ice with thickness 1~1.5mm. Because the ice surface area is larger, it can be ideal for fast cooling. The ice does not cause a damage on cooling product.


<Flake ice machine for seawater/ship>
“6M series”:6M-100~6M-100F. Ice making capacity: 1~10tons/day. The machine makes ice by directly freezing seawater. It provides you to keep a product’s freshness longer by seawater ice.


<Plate ice machine>
“RP series”: RP-1~RP-15. Ice making capacity: 1~15tons/day. It is a type of ice machine as breaking/discharging a plate-shape ice. The ice will have thickness 12mm~15mm and size 3~6×6~10cm. The size of ice can be adjusted by using the secondary ice breaking machine.


< Plate ice machine (PHG type)>
“PHG series”: PHG-408?PHG-412. Ice making capacity: 20~30tons/day. Because the machine uses only hot-gas for deicing system, it can make a high-efficient ice. It is also expected to be used for a large ice making field or ice thermal storage field in future.


<Ice storage with ice automatic discharge machine>
“AD series”: AD-5~AD-150. Ice storage amount: 5~150tons. The storage stores a large amount of ice at the ice machine and automatically discharge the ice. It will smoothly discharge or convey ice even after a long-period storage.


<Air carrying equipment>
Because of air transfer for plate ice, it allows you to transport the ice for a long distance.


<Loading equipment>
◎Screw-type weighting equipment ◎The secondary ice breaking machine ◎Line changer ◎Fixed quantity supply equipment ◎Cyclone receiver ◎Shipment tower


<Ice automatic vending system>
Ice can be sold by this vending system with using IC card, machine-specific coin, 100