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For using our site | Privacy policy 


For using our site


Before using the Website (“the Website”, hereafter) managed and operated by ICEMAN Corporation (“ICEMAN”, hereafter), please carefully read the terms of use and then use the Website only if you agree with those terms.


◎Copyright and trademark


The copyright such as for document, picture, or program posted in the Website (“the Content”, hereafter) shall belong to ICEMAN. Except a legally-accepted private use or other uses, copying or transferring the content without our approval shall be prohibited by the laws, so please contact with ICEMAN to acquire the approval in advance if you wish to do so. However, please be reminded that your request might be rejected due to a variety of factors or reasons. Any trade name, corporate name, and logo mark used in the Website shall belong to ICEMAN. Since we prohibit anyone to use those items without our approval, please contact with ICEMAN to acquire the approval in advance if you wish to do so.




Any content in the third party’s Website linked to or from the Website (“the link site”, hereafter) shall be responsible for being managed operated by each relevant party or company, but not by ICEMAN. Please use the link site by following the terms of use described in each link site. ICEMAN shall absolutely not be responsible for any content in the link sire or any damage caused by using the link site. Linking with the link site from the Website shall not imply to recommend the site/the company or posted merchandise/service at all. Furthermore, it does not necessarily mean there would be a special relationship between ICEMAN and the link site. For linking to the Website, please set the link to our Top Page in the Website. Please correctly indicate the link notation for the Website as “ICEMAN Corporation”.




ICEMAN shall certainly pay full attention when posting any information to the Website. However, we absolutely shall not be responsible for whether those information are correct, useful, and certain, or appropriate and safe for customer’s usage purpose (i.e. A function is not interrupted, an error does not occur, a fault is corrected, computer virus or other harmful substance does not exist in the Website and server). Furthermore, ICEMAN absolutely shall not take any responsibility for damage caused by using or not being able to use the information, or by using the Website. ICEMAN shall have a right to change or delete the Website information and discontinue or suspend the Website operation without any notification. In addition, ICEMAN absolutely shall not take a responsibility for damage caused by information change, deletion, and discontinuation or suspension of the Website operation for any reason whatsoever.



Privacy policy


ICEMAN shall certainly recognize an importance of the personal information protection act in advanced information and communications society, and shall make full efforts to protect such information on the basis of the following policies.


1.For acquiring personal information


ICEMAN shall acquire personal information through an appropriate or fair means.


2.Use of personal information


Use of personal information collected by ICEMAN shall be given sufficient consideration not to impair a customer’s right only in such scope necessary for accomplishing information collection. When a customer provides his/her personal information, ICEMN or outsourcing company might send information for possible your interest through E-mail, direct mail, telephone, FAX. If a customer does not desire to receive such information, the information distribution shall be stopped by sending the customer’s request to our personal information section. If ICEMAN asks the third party or outsourcing company to handle such personal information, it shall give a fair investigation and appropriately supervise the relevant third party or outsourcing company to maintain confidentiality.


3.Provision of personal information to the third party

Except being requested by laws, ICEMAN shall not provide any personal information to the third party without prior consent of the person.


4.Management of personal information


ICEMAN shall safely maintain and manage the accuracy of personal information.ICEMAN also shall take an appropriate information security as corresponding to any unauthorized access and computer virus for prevention of personal information loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage.ICEMAN shall not leak any personal information by transmitting it to outside of the company.


5.Disclosure, revision, suspension of use, and deletion for personal information

ICEMAN shall confirm herein that a user has a right to request for his/her own personal information such as disclosure, revision, suspension of use, and deletion.If such task is requested, ICEMAN shall immediately correspond it without any argument. Then if a user has any opinion or inquiry for how ICEMAN handles personal information, please contact with our personal information section.




ICEMAN shall appoint a person in charge of personal information protection and carry out an appropriate management for the information.ICEMAN shall appropriately/comprehensively handle any personal information in the daily operation while providing a training program for personal information protection and its appropriate management method to the company board members and employees.




Regarding the handling of personal information for our customers, ICEMAN shall review and improve contents of the above-mentioned items in a timely manner.