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It automatically delvers ice to a place where requires ice.
Unmanned system operation is also available.

Since only the ice on upper storage portion could constantly be scraped out by the existing method called “Rake method”, it was difficult to scrape out the ice down below remained as robust ice gorge or commonly known as “Root ice”. Moreover, the scraping operation requires a supervisor or controller to operate and can not offer an unmanned vending system. ICEMAN’s ice storage with ice automatic discharge machine (Utility model 2549021) has successfully/completely solved this problem. It horizontally moves the entire accumulated ice by modifying the entire floor of ice storage to a steel-made conveyer. Ice that passes a front pin crusher will be consecutively delivered to a screw conveyer and discharged to outside of the storage. Even if the ice is reserved in the storage for a long time, all the ice can completely be discharged. Furthermore, we have also eventually accomplished the unmanned operation by automating movements of conveyor for required places.


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*The above-description is simply one example for the product lineups or types. The machine can be designed or manufactured in accordance with any required ice storage amount. So please consult with us for your requirements to the machine.
*Please request a specification by each machine type. *Specification will be changed without notification.