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Ice storage with ice automatic discharge machine

10. Ice storage
A scene of ice storage. Ice will be discharged by first-in & first-out.
11. Driving gear
In the AD-System storage
(-5~-10℃)The entire floor
will be moved forward.
12. Pin Crusher
Scrape off the piled ice by pins as the ice moves forward.
13. Screws in the storage
The ice, scraped off by
Pin Crusher, is discharged to outside of the storage.



Rich selections for delivery option equipments

1. Weighing screw conveyer
Discharge time will be shortened by consecutive weighing while continuously discharging the ice. Weighing for 30kg?30tons/h can be accomplished.
2. Ice breaking machine
It can break ice up to a size of approximately 10mm. A size of ice or breaking capacity can be adjusted or selected in accordance with your requirement.
3. Screw conveyer
It is ideal to convey ice for relatively a short distance. The required conveying capacity can be ideally adjusted or selected in accordance with your requirement.
4. Air conveying system
Because the system conveys the plate ice by air, a long-distance transportation can be executed. The conveying distance will be up to 500m (at the time of descending slope in ski area).



5. Line changer
It automatically switches an air conveying line. There will not be any danger for blockage due to the serial switching system. Up to 2-5 divergences can be available.
6. Cyclone receiver
Suppressing a high-speed injection of air conveying ice by rotation and let the ice fall freely downward.
7. Shipment tower
Because it is installed at quay, a loading to a ship can be done smoothly. The hose also is movable as upward/downward or rotation.
8. Fixed amount supply equipment
It can load a fixed amount at intervals of a few seconds. It will be ideal for shipment packed in ice.





Ice selling machine
ICEMAN’s ice automatic vending system allows you to sell ice through an unmanned operation. You can offer your customers to select a payment method such as 100 yen coin or machine-specific coin for selling a small amount of ice or IC card for selling a large amount of ice. ICEMAN certainly can assist you for system automation so your customers can easily purchase ice only with a simple operation of vending machine.

Machine-specific coin
You can select a coin design or size as creating your company’s original coin with the minimum lot order or 1000 coins.


IC card
IC card is widely used for many types of vending machine. It is a contactless card with waterproof or the same type of card as being used in railway system (The card function can be selected either prepaid type or credit type). You also can design the card as you like.

Remote operation switch
When there is a distance between a vending machine and a place for ice outlet, you can operate to start/stop for ice discharge by this remote operation switch.


POS system
This is a POS system exclusively developed for our ice automatic vending system. You can collect and calculate for daily usage status, monthly usage total, and usage aggregate summary for each customer or member in cooperation with a fishery association for ice sales.



Ice automatic vending system/Case example

We design the system in accordance with a customer’s request.