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Flake ice is a thin and dried iceat freezing temperature.


Since flake ice has a large surface area, a target object can be cooled down quickly. Particularly, it can ideally be used for solving a target object in water and then rapidly freezing it. Because of a flake shape, the ice would fall down the gap and blocking the surrounding heat when directly covering the target object with it. For this reason, the ice effectively maintains its freezing temperature. Since a product is instantaneously frozen at -25℃, the freshness of vegetables can be preserved in low temperature and also superior to preserve delicate fishes such as saury and sweetfish in cold temperature.




Setting requirements

1. The ice making amount will be changed depending on supply water temperature and refrigerating machine capability.


2. The standard power source is 3Ф200/220V, but 380V, 400V, and 440V can also be selected as a different voltage specification.


3. Flake ice machine can be used only for pure water. If salt is contained in the water, please use a machine exclusively for seawater.


4. Flake ice machine can be used only for in-door. If you would like to use it for outdoor, please consult with us.


5. Evaporator is a direct expansion type. The evaporation temperature with R404A is set as -20℃ for the standard temperature.









Required refrigeration capacity (kw) is the value of ET. -25℃ CT. +35℃ raw water temperature 15℃.


*Refrigerator nominal output would be different depending on a refrigerator manufacturer.
*Ice making capacity would be changed depending on installation place, refrigerator’s freezing capability, or surrounding usage environment such as outside temperature
*External dimensions will not include a freezing equipment. In addition, D measurement is a value of a flared portion at piping area.
* Please request a specification for each machine type.
*Specification will be changed without any notification.



Standard specification Power source 3φ-200V/220V-50/60Hz
Evaporator Direct expansion type
Evaporation temperature -20℃
Refrigerant R-404A
Water Only pure water
Basic installation Indoor specification
Selectable specific specifications
For different voltages(380V,400V,440V)
For outdoor installation
For seawater specification/Vessel mounted specification



Flake ice machine/Installation example


Single unit installation of flake ice machine


Large machine: 5MR-350F(ice making capacity 35tons/day)




Ice making unit + prefabricated ice storage


Seawater ice machine for vessel