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Usage of plate ice machine is for clear
and hard ice in thick-board shape.

Plate ice is ideal for use at fisheries industry. Compared to flake ice, the quality of ice maintains a longer dissolution time and superior cool keeping property with hard, clear, or dry texture. The ice in freezing temperature with dried surface could be difficult to recombine at the time of storage and suitable to a long-time storing and conveying. Because ice is crushed at the time of discharging from the ice machine, the ice would become irregular shapes.


*Plate ice machine (RP type) can be manufactured as Build-to-order. The machine can produce ice up to 20tons/machine by using the standardized multiple ice making panels.
*Thickness of ice can be adjusted by ice making timer. It can be adjusted as approximately thickness 10?15mm and plain surface (3~6)×(6~10)cm.


Setting requirements

1. Ice making amount will be changed depending on supplied water temperature and capacity of refrigerating machine.
2. The standard power source is 3φ-200/220V, but 380V, 400V, and 440V can be selected as a different voltage specification.
3. Plate ice machine can be operated only by pure water. If salt content is contained in raw water, please consult with us since it might cause a machine inoperable.
4. Plate ice machine is manufactured for indoor only. If using it for outdoor, please consult with us first.









Required refrigerating capacity (kW) is the estimated value at the time of ET=-15℃ CT=+35℃ raw water temperature =25℃.


*Refrigerating machine’s referred output can be different depending on each refrigerating machine manufacturer.
*Ice making capacity can be changed depending on environment such as installation area, refrigerating machine’s capability,
 and outside air temperature.
*Please request a specification by each machine type.  *A machine specification can be changed without any notification.


Standard specification Power source 3φ-200V/220V-50/60Hz
Evaporator Direct expansion system
Evaporation temperature -15℃
Refrigerant R-404A
Water in use Only for pure water
Basic installation Indoor specification
Selectable specific specification
For different voltage(380V,400V,440V)
For ammonia refrigerant
For use of sea water
For outdoor installation
Change of ice thickness(10~15mm)



Plate ice machine/Installation example


RP-5:Front view (Ice making capacity 5tons/day)


RP-5:Back view


Outdoor specification


3 types of place ice machine are available in accordance with ice making amount or usage purpose.
◎ RP type 1~20tons/day Ideal for ice of fishery products
◎ PHG type:20?30tons/day Ideal for large ice making・Ice thermal storage
◎ LCP type:60tons/day Ideal for ski area